From R&D to production
Dragon Chemical Europe GmbH


Dragon Chemical Group’s R&D is located at Zhejiang Dragon Technology Co., Ltd. in Hangzhou, China.

Area: 750 m2 (4th and 5th floor of the R&D building)
Employees: 25 (Professor: 2, Senior engineer: 3, PhD: 2, Master: 9, Bachelor: 9)
Facilities: 10L glass reactor, high pressure reactor, short-path distillation tower, low temperature cooling circulation pump, rotary vacuum pump, rotary evaporator
Analysis: HPLC, GC, DSC, KF test device, COD detector, m.p. detector
Patent: Patents applied for 5 new technologies and products in the recent 2 years
Know-How: Over 15 years experience in quality of hair dyes
Every year we develop 30-40 new items
Specialized in waste water treatment