From R&D to production
Dragon Chemical Europe GmbH


HCT is Dragon Group’s partner for formulation service for hair colorants. HCT is offering

R&D, Formula Support: Development of new formulas meeting customer’srequirements
Optimization of existing formulas prior to relaunch
Optimization of dye combinations to leverage performance
Dyes: Setting up a dye portfolio to meet all target shades (natural, fashioned)
Safety: Use of safety-assessed dyes (based on SCCS opinions)
Chassis components meeting high safety standards
Supply Chain: Information about critical dyes (sourcing, quality issues, lead time, storage conditions, safety stock management)
Facility Infrastructure: Design of vessels, stirrers, vessel lines, homogenizers, heating/cooling systems, dosing systems for ammonium hydroxide and organic alkalizers
Quality Systems: Required analytical equipment for incoming goods inspection
Accurate specifications ensuring batch-to-batch consistency (no deviations), batch approvals
Retention sample management
Traceability of used raw materials
Analytical equipment
Test salon: Test protocols, half-head tests, benchmarks, approvals
Training and Advice: Training of lab technicians and hair dressers/stylists
Safe handling of dyes and chemicals
HCT - Hair Cosmetic Technology AG
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1723 Marly, Switzerland
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