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Dragon Chemical in Europe
Dragon Chemical Europe GmbH

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Dragon Chemical Europe GmbH is a part of the Chinese Dragon Chemical Group. Dragon Chemical Europe GmbH is a fast growing distributor of various fine and speciality chemicals required in the fields of Hair Dyes, Pharmaceuticals, Agrochemicals, Dyes & Pigments and Polymer Monomers.

Dragon Chemical Europe GmbH is the leading distributor of raw-materials for hair dyes to the European cosmetic industry. About 40 different hair dyes are available from our warehouse in Germany. Most of the distributed products are made in China by the parent company Zhejiang Dragon Chemical Co. Ltd. and Zhejiang Dragon Technology Co. Ltd..

The key elements of our European service package are:
  • competitive products (production in China)
  • competitive supply chain (production and distribution from one source)
  • local project management for custom synthesis
  • compliance with REACH and
  • delivery on demand from our warehouse in central Europe